Testing iPool

Testing iPool took place in ACLI patronage’s waiting room, an agency that provides social security and welfare benefits. People go to the patronage for work stuff, retirement and immigration services (such as the Italian test to obtain a residence permit).

Most of the partecipants were adults, especially over 45, elderly, unemployed and foreigner people.

Testing took place over a period of about a month and a half, about twice a week; this modality has allowed to involve a varied users.

At the beginning people were wary about using computer and the platform, because of their insecurity towards technology but, thanks to our guide, they managed to overcome reticence and in some cases even to appreciate iPool.

We noticed a strong interest for the tools that improve language and cultural skills.

Testing phase proved us the utility of platforms like IPool for people with lower technological skills, especially thanks to the support of education providers.

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