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Courses for Tourism SMEs


These couses for SMEs of the tourism industry have been developed thanks to “IDEATE”, an EU-funded project that allows the uptake of high quality jobs, as well as apprenticenships and traineeships positions. Given the huge impact of tourism on the European economy, the EU supports the promotion of high-quality employability in the tourism sector through online training courses, workshops, events and news. To face new market demands and ever-increasing competitiveness, the initiative aims to capitalize on the competences and skills of young people and focuses on Small and Medium Enterprises operating in the field of tourism. The main goal of European Tourism Careers is to create a professional specialized network that makes the most of collaborative approaches, engagement, storytelling and relationships, promoting long-lasting careers, a different approach and innovative strategies to strengthen tourism across the EU

Target groups

  • Adults
  • Unemployed
  • Workers
  • Young adults
  • People working in the catering and hospitality
  • Tourist guides
  • Managers

Type of tool

  • Web application


Entrepreneurship, Hospitality, Soft skills

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