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FREE training courses for learning basic English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Greek and Lithuanian. The L-Pack training course includes: - videos that correspond to the dialogues of the written materials - written materials (dialogues, exercises, grammar, and cultural information) available in PDF format and divided into 30 units - 2 guides on how to use the training course (one for teachers and one for learners) - Audio tracks that correspond to the dialogues of the written material.

Target groups

  • Adults
  • Immigrants
  • Young
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Foreign language learners
  • Young adults
  • Refugees
  • Learners of diffirent ages
  • International students
  • Students of all ages
  • Skills development
  • Learning English/German

Type of tool

  • Interactive
  • Self-study
  • Web application
  • Development of cultural awareness
  • Ready to use


Courses, App, Comprehension, Culture, Education, Internet, Languages, Refugee, Soft skills

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Very useful videos for language learning.

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Number of ratings: 7
Attractive The tool is visually attractive
Easy to use The navigation/structure is clear
Engaging It is easy to become involved
Popular Used by many people
Result-effective The results from learning demonstrate high value
Time-effective The tool is worth time devoting, good ratio of time/results
Universal The tool can be used by various groups of people (based on age, educational background and so on)

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