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Cultura Empreendedora y Empresarial


Describe the qualifications and skills associated with the entrepreneur, analyzing the importance of entrepreneurship and the requirements of business activities. Be able to define their own weaknesses, threats, strengths and opportunities, facing possible failures and accepting them as part of the life experience, developing a fighting spirit that will help them to be competitive and carry out the projects they could plan. Act as a future worker or employee, either on behalf of another person or on their own account, knowing the rights and duties of workers, assessing the action of the State and Social Security in the protection of employees and understanding the need for risk occuptional protection.

Target groups

  • Adults
  • Immigrants
  • Managers

Type of tool

  • Self-study


Courses, Education, Entrepreneurship, Self-awareness

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Bastante intuitivo, y facil de manejar

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