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Level5 is a powerful web-based software that has been developed in the framework of a series of European projects. It fully displays the evalution procedure to evaluate and validate informal learning. It allows learning project owners, evaluators and organisations from the field to administrate their learning projects, learning groups and individual learners. The software contains the follwoing features: 1. Learning projects, groups and singular learners can be fully described and documented. 2. Individual learning outcomes ("topics") can be defined, fine-tuned and also combined in so called "topic sets". 3. Contextualised reference systems can be set up for each selected topic (aspired learning outcome). 4. An appropriate assessment method can be chosen and described in detail. The evaluation time-stamps have to be defined in order to prepare the process-oriented visualisation of competence develpment. 5. Learners' competences can be rated and reasoned in order to give full evidence of the individual development. The results may also be documented in an automatically generated PDF-certificate.

Target groups

  • Adults
  • Teenagers

Type of tool

  • Web application
  • Self-study
  • Interactive


Education, Learning, Other, Self-awareness, Validation

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Looks complex, a lot of content to explore.

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