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Good practice objective, aim, context
The idea behind the project is to develop an innovative method based in a multilingual online environment, where individual learning needs of users meet selected and specified contents, collected from the available Open Education Resources repositories in an easy, effective and quick way. The focus of the project is to support the development of entrepreneurial skills. After a previous evaluation, the tool leads people to an OER Gateway according to their needs.
The OER Gateway has few main functionalities such as:
  • The Virtual Expert simulates a real expert conducting, in a flexible and smart way, a multidimensional analysis on users’ training needs, taking into account data such as personal interests, age, educational background, prior knowledge, learning style, etc. The Virtual Expert processes users’ data and produces a set of recommended resources to fulfil their training needs and the acquisition of new competences, creating a personalized training set with OERs.
  • The Authoring System (i.e. “Share your OER”) allows users to take an active part in the process of development / localization / remix of OERs. Users not only benefit by the chance to learn through OERs calibrated on their profile, but also actively participate in the improvement and customization of the training sets. Users can develop an OER from scratch, adapt or remix an existing OER both in term of contents and format, translate an OER and localize an existing OER and link it into the system.
  • The Rating System allows collaborative and peer-to-peer learning and assessment of resources. An online community is set to promote discussion and collect feedback on the training sets. Users rate the quality and relevance of OERs: assessing the “Quality” means assessing user experience about how to access and navigate into the interface, its layout, and the quality of contents; assessing the “Relevance” instead measures the relevance to the training set proposed.
  • The Recommender is a function of the system which provides users with more resources then the OERs selected for the training set. It helps discovering new resources with the Serendipity search tool, use such resources as basis for new OERs, it helps networking through the suggestion of Twitter accounts and hashtags (analysis of keywords) and present users several food for thought

Actors and target group
Individuals who want to learn a foreign language/increase their competence on it.

Methodological approach
Interdisciplinary, online,

The interaction between the person needs and the results he/she gets.

Success factors
The previous evaluation and the OER Gateway.


Assessment tool:

Attractive The tool is visually attractive
Easy to use The navigation/structure is clear
Engaging It is easy to become involved
Popular Used by many people
Result-effective The results from learning demonstrate high value
Time-effective The tool is worth time devoting, good ratio of time/results
Universal The tool can be used by various groups of people (based on age, educational background and so on)

Rate tool:

Easy to use: