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Good practice objective, aim, context
The project is based on the creation of a small library identified as a therapeutic activity of the users of the day center. The aim is to offer users a course of treatment based on employment and on the socialization. The final objective is to stimulate and reactivate interpersonal skills, emotional and cognitive adult with mental health problems. The meeting places of socialization, of taking charge, learning of adults who live particular situations of fragility and psychic disorders are characterized by being closed, protected place, which exclude the presence of other people. For this reason it is an alternative way to work on the psychological disorders was conceived through moments of socializing, meeting, reading books out of the doctor-patient relationship.


Actors and target group
Adult patients hospitalized at the Department of Mental Health, Hospital San Paolo (Milan).

Methodological approach
The method of intervention is related to the educational relationship. Through education informal vision and reading books are realized reception actions, listening, intentionality and reciprocity. The health worker / educator in addition to managing the size of difficulty and discomfort, stimulates and reactivates the capabilities relational, patient's emotional and cognitive.

The project favored users in the acquisition of skills and abilities. Through the planned activities users are able to manage the relationship with the external customer, procedures of the loan book, to healing the steps of cataloging, to perform secretarial services.

Users are welcomed to make a rehabilitation program, or observational internship, or an empowerment process with the ultimate objective of reaching a good level of personal autonomy, social and / or labor integration.

The project represents an innovative method of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

Success factors
Unconventional therapeutic activity. Open environment that allows comparison with other people. Activities outside the doctor-patient relationship.


The project helps adults people with psychological problems to regain their autonomy and reactivates the capabilities relational, patient's emotional and cognitive.



Dipartimento di Salute Mentale dell’Azienda Ospedaliera San Paolo (Milano)
Doctor Barbara Bortolini and Doctor Claudia Giangregorio 02 81843304
Centro Diurno dell'Azienda ospedaliera San Paolo, Via Conca del Naviglio 45.

Facebook: La Conca Biblioteca

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