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Good practice objective, aim, context
Langues Services is the first school that’s really specialized in linguistic training for adults. Besides offering courses to companies(Findomestic, Dicom, Celine production, Centro Leasing etc.), Langues Services also provides courses for adults and children in the private sphere.
Every course is followed by a Tutor, a unique figure in the language teaching environment. The Tutor guarantees the application of the method developed by Langues Services and defines the goals together with the teacher. By doing so, the teacher is allowed to provide lessons with ever increasing efficiency.
Langues Services, together with the Tutor and the person in charge of didactics, continuously trains its teaching staff. The teachers are required to participate in regular refresher courses and in monthly training meetings. The goal of the school is to constantly improve the staff’s teaching level and to ensure a communal working philosophy.


Actors and target group
Adult and young people

Methodological approach
The method reverses the relationship between teacher and student. The student is considered a person with all its characteristics. The student-teacher relationship is based on the sharing of knowledge. The learning process is built together, individually and on the student's motivation.

Everyone can learn regardless of their age, qualifications, from reasons. This method operates on the motives and self-esteem of the person.

The student is at the center of the teaching and learning process.

Success factors
Consider the student a person with all its characteristics. The school curriculum is established by the teacher with the student.


Langues Services is a language school for adults, children, boys. The teaching is done by a method that focuses on the student as a person



Langues Services
Loretta Barbarossa
Via Francesco Crispi, 14 Firenze Firenze 50129 Italia
055 4684344

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