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Good practice objective, aim, context
Digital Workshop is a Google initiative to increase digital skills of young people and not only. This project takes place simultaneously in several European countries, Romania being one of them. You can hone your skills to work online to grow your business, career or simply self-confidence. Specialists from Digital Workshop will help you succeed online. Anyone can take advantage of this platform, regardless of skill level, targets or prior knowledge.

Actors and target group
To take full advantage of the online environment, people, businesses and economies can grow into an amazing pace. We want everyone to acquire the skills to work in an online environment to take advantage of the technological revolution and to grow personally at the same time.

Methodological approach
After watching the video tutorials offered by our experts, you will gain the skills needed to promote yourself online so you and your company or in which you work. You will learn how to get yourself noticed by the right people and how to find opportunities in the online environment to achieve your goals. Each module will be finalised with a test.
The modules are: Where there are opportunities in the online environment? First Steps to Online Success Create your online presence in E-mail marketing Use your web searches Introduction SEO Optimizing your site and displaying results Benefits of advertising on search engines Construction ads in search engines Introduction statistics online Analyzes online statistics The presence of online-offline Promoting geo-localized Advertising on social networks Brand management on social networks Promotion on mobile devices Integrating mobile campaigns Advertising on other sites Display Advertising Network How do export online How do branding video eCommerce in the digital age How to sell more online

After the test a certificate is received issued by Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB)

Digital Workshop offers all users the opportunity to learn at their own pace.
Some people go through the topics in 8 hours, while others devote more months. We found that, on average, through all subjects for certification in 8:00.

Success factors
There are lots of ways you can use online to grow your business or career, provided they have specialists to show you how to do that. Our experts will guide you at every step by step through video tutorials, activities or resources.


Romanian products online Cristian Birzu is business manager and the founder of "Made Romania" which aims to bring closer Romanian traditional products of Romanians living abroad. So when the promotion began to make known his business, Cristian to consider Google Adwords: "AdWords has brought an increase of 40-50% of the business because customers who bought the site brought online. AdWords it is perfect if you want a mix of branding and online sales."

You will learn practical experimenting and you'll gain knowledge work online, that you can begin to apply them immediately.


Assessment tool:

Attractive The tool is visually attractive
Easy to use The navigation/structure is clear
Engaging It is easy to become involved
Popular Used by many people
Result-effective The results from learning demonstrate high value
Time-effective The tool is worth time devoting, good ratio of time/results
Universal The tool can be used by various groups of people (based on age, educational background and so on)

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