European Regions Enhancing Internationalisation Vocational Education and Training

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Good practice objective, aim, context
The EREIVET network helps young people in vocational education and training to use Europe as place to learn, work and live, promoting the internationalisation of vocational education and training in the regions through sharing experience, knowledge and expertise.


Actors and target group
Regional school authorities
Networks/clusters of schools of one region
Big schools or school-centres

The first half of the project time was - amongst others - used to develop micro learning outcome units for the following 3 vocational sectors which can be used for internships abroad of students and apprentices in vocational education and training.
Health Care
Learning outcome units for health care
Assessment Health Care 4 weeks
Assessment Health Care 8 weeks
Social Care
Learning outcome units for social care
Assessment Social Care 4 weeks
Assessment Social Care
Learning outcome units for electricians
Learning outcome units for business, administration and services

The EREIVET partner are cooperating since more than 6 years together and have sent numerous students and teachers in their mobility projects from partner to partner.
In the attachment you‘ll find some statements, short stories and interviews from people who have benefitted from a mobility project within the EREIVET partnership.
For us it is very important that each learning period abroad – if it is for students, apprentices or vocational teachers – is work-based learning; the view into an enterprise should always be included.

The network contributes to the Europe 2020 strategy by strengthening vocational education and training in the participating regions. Applying the European transparency and quality instruments for vocational education and training is implicit.


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