Training Planner for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)

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Good practice objective, aim, context
The project aims to export a concept, developed in Iceland, based on lending out an external Human Resource consultant, called Training Planner, to companies, especially SMEs. The Training Planner compiles a training and learning needs assessment, looks into the competencies needed in each job and designs a tailor-made training program and learning activities for the company, based on interviews with directors and focus groups from all job categories. The project aims to train suitable Training Planners and advocate for this type of structured training assistance to SMEs and their staff. SMEs are susceptible to insufficient VET, taking place inside or outside the company. Research points out that employees of SMEs are more often likely to miss structured VET and learning, especially the staff groups consisting of general workers and staff groups of immigrant workers. Experience from ongoing Training Planner project in Iceland targeted towards general workers in SMEs (which are often over-represented by immigrants), has yielded more focussed VET programs and learning plans, proven to be more accurately targeted, providing the training sought after and useful. The results points towards improved competencies and job satisfaction for the employee and customer satisfaction and competitive advantage for the SME.


Actors and target group
Employees of SMEs

The outcomes of the project are both tangible (handbook, course material and course for training planners in 4 languages (UK, ES, AT, IS), pilot training plans for selected SMEs i ES and AT, and intangible such as experience and implementation of a concept that has proven to be very successful. The impact of tailor made VET (through carefully designed plans) on SMEs competitiveness should be of great importance.

The results in Iceland have shown that the resulting VET plan provides solid base for continuous in-situ training which is relevant for both the company and the employees, substantially increasing the competitive advantage of both the SME and the employee.

The consortium behind the application is Starfafl Vocational Training Fund in Iceland, Attentus consultancy bureau in Iceland, BEST Training and Consultancy in Austria and Fondo Formacion Euskadi in Basque Country in Spain. Starfsafl and Attendus have 4 years experience in development of the concept of Training Planner with over 40 companies and 4000 employees in Iceland. BEST and FF Euskadi are well known VET providers and consultants in their home countries with substantial experience in international projects.


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