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Good practice objective, aim, context
The aim of the project is to develop an open source software tool integrated in LMS(s), which is suitable to assess the teaching quality management of eLearning training programs and training materials for supporting the application of the quality measurement tool for institutions dealing with vocational training and which therefore can promote the establishment and development of quality culture. The project implementation integrates testing of software and pilot training of the training material as well. Thus the aims of the project are: to elaborate an eLearning quality tool which can be applied at European level and which enables the teaching of quality management, to provide the management and quality assurance of vocational training with an effective tool.


Actors and target group
The target groups of the project are vocational training institutions which apply e-learning as a mode of instruction. The project aims to improve quality management and to increase the quality of e-learning contents. Consequently the target group contains the users i.e. the leaders, quality management officers, tutors and teachers of vocational training institutions. On the other hand, the target group also includes e-learning content developers involved in e-learning content preparation. These target groups will be able to benefit from the results of the project even in the short run, they will be able to improve the quality of their vocational trainings and to increase the effectiveness of their instruction by improving the quality of the generated and chosen e-learning contents. Among the management bodies and e learning content developers as well as users there can be seen a distinct demand for modern quality management which require the application of the developments aimed at in the project. At the moment, they do not have such a generally accepted tool at their disposal only partial results. The software to be developed will be suitable to meet the combined needs of the above-mentioned target groups (e-learning developers, service providers and users).

The main results of the project is the iQTool Web Interface which is for managing and answering questionnaires, creating and assessing statistics for eLearning purposes.
The other products are the eLearning contents: Quality Management (module A) and module B in which you can fill out the prepared questionnaires on the installed ILIAS (Learning Management System) for testing the main result

Quality is becoming a strategic issue for web-based learning providers and users. The need for quality management in web-based learning has risen in European educational policy discussions as well as quality surveys and questionnaires targeted at students and teachers. In view of the international quality management work, some eLearning criteria have been developed. Often quoted learning criteria are, factors relating to the educational programme, organisation, curricula, learning and teaching, infrastructure and student service, and evaluation methods. Quality management and criteria is shifting from planning and teaching onto learning results and student oriented quality management. Shift from a provider focus to a learner focus to accommodate the institution's clients.


Assessment tool:

Attractive The tool is visually attractive
Easy to use The navigation/structure is clear
Engaging It is easy to become involved
Popular Used by many people
Result-effective The results from learning demonstrate high value
Time-effective The tool is worth time devoting, good ratio of time/results
Universal The tool can be used by various groups of people (based on age, educational background and so on)

Rate tool:

Easy to use: