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Good practice objective, aim, context
The SONETOR project aims at developing a training platform that will integrate existing social networking applications with modern adult education methodologies in lifelong learning and specially produced content and services, in order to assist Cultural Mediators in developing formal and non-formal skills and competences and in applying them during their work with immigrants.


Actors and target group

The main products of the project are:
A detailed comparative user needs analysis in the fields of legislation, training, collaboration and skills definition in order to clearly define the competences and skills that professional cultural mediators must possess and their training needs. The outcomes of the analysis will be a user study, a draft job profile and the training platform requirements
A project portal serving as a focal communication point for European Cultural Mediators and other stakeholders. The portal will contain a training platform composed of social networking tools, which will be used to train Cultural Mediators with the help of adult education and peer learning methodologies
Highly interactive, efficient digital content composed mainly of videos, but also containing text, wikis, forums etc.
At least three peer learning scenarios on topics related to the everyday practice of Cultural Mediators, such as Health, Education, Public services, etc. The scenarios will realize the principles of peer learning, make use of the digital content modules and will be delivered via the training platform
A European learning community of Cultural Mediators composed of representatives of all stakeholders. In the context of the project, about twenty five core community members will initially join from the participating countries, while in a subsequent phase; about two hundred and fifty people will be trained using the platform.
Five pilot training sessions, one per participating country, with the participation of members of the learning community
Six evaluation reports, summarizing the project progress and evaluating its outcome
Five promotional workshops, one in each participating country, together with leaflets, brochures and a promotional project video
A final plenary workshop, organized in Greece, which will promote the outcomes of the project and define exploitation and sustainability policies.

To this end, the project will develop and deploy a special multi-lingual social networking platform, which will foster the development of a European Cultural Mediators community, by providing a universal focal point for the exchange of working experiences between the community members and other stakeholders. The platform will support peer learning via the realization of training scenarios tailored to the specific job needs and personal attributes required of Cultural Mediators. The project is committed to using techniques and learning strategies which are recognised to be in line with the best practice and principles of adult education and will make use of high quality digital training content, as well as of communication tools, such as forums, blogs and wikis, developed and maintained by the registered members of the community. The training services will be accessible via the Internet, thus supporting distance learning in the workplace or at home making the product a very flexible one.

SONETOR will become the vehicle of choice for improving the quality of services provided Cultural Mediators and their organisations through up-skilling and re-skilling. It will promote innovation in vocational training of Cultural Mediators through the social networking training platform. The primary products of the project (job profile, training content and scenarios, social networking platform) will ensure that the material is available to as wide an audience as possible in what is a fast changing educational landscape.


Assessment tool:

Attractive The tool is visually attractive
Easy to use The navigation/structure is clear
Engaging It is easy to become involved
Popular Used by many people
Result-effective The results from learning demonstrate high value
Time-effective The tool is worth time devoting, good ratio of time/results
Universal The tool can be used by various groups of people (based on age, educational background and so on)

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